Crimes Affecting University Of Oregon Students

If you have a child attending the University of Oregon or Oregon State University, you undoubtedly worry that a youthful error in judgment can affect his or her adult career and life. I represent college students who have made mistakes and found themselves in trouble with the law for underage consumption of alcohol, DUII (Driving while Under the Influence of Intoxicants), possession of illegal drugs such as marijuana, assault, sexual assault and other criminal offenses. A student’s crimes can follow them for a lifetime.

In addition to the criminal charge your child faces, the University Student Conduct Officers may reach out and demand that your child answer to them. Students can face suspensions and even expulsion based on criminal charges, even if the charge is dismissed. Your child needs to check her or his emails regularly and consult with an attorney before responding to the Student Conduct Code Office.

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Can A Criminal Record Be Expunged?

To have a criminal record expunged means the setting aside of the arrest or conviction and a subsequent sealing of the records. In cases where expungement may be an option in the future, it is important to have a lawyer who understands the law and cares about the client personally. I work hard to protect the lives of my clients, now and in the future. Wherever possible, I will work to expunge your record or to preserve the ability to have your record expunged when the necessary conditions have been met.

Aggressive Defense Of Student Crimes Charges

A criminal conviction can result in an expulsion from campus, making prospects for graduate school and a good career bleak. I understand the serious consequences of an arrest and conviction on the future, so I aggressively defend students against a wide variety of criminal charges, including disorderly conduct, underage drinking, drug possession, so-called “date rape” and other criminal charges.

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