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►The Issue is Not “Did You Do It?” – The Issue is “Can They Prove It?

You are innocent until proven guilty and Law Office of Laura A. Fine, P.C. is committed to defending your constitutional rights. Laura aggressively holds prosecutors to their burden of proving each and every element of alleged crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. Motions to Suppress prevent illegally obtained evidence from being used against you; Motions to Exclude prevent the use of coerced or false confessions in court. Thorough research, investigation and preparation makes the winning difference at trial.

►Sentencing Considerations

Even if the State can prove the elements of the alleged crime, there remains the issue of appropriate sentencing. Prosecutors routinely seek overly harsh punishments, even for first time and young offenders. Mitigation evidence is crucial to showing that the criminal action does not define the person. All people are comprised of their life experiences – the good, the not so good and the understandable. Mitigation evidence presents you as a dimensional person and not just as the person who stands accused. Laura has worked with noted mitigation, Patricia Jaqua, for over a decade. Together, the two have successfully presented information to greatly reduce sentences sought by prosecutors.

►Your Defense Team

For each case, Laura creates a defense team, which includes the client and additional experts, as dictated by the needs of case. Defense team members may include investigators, forensic scientists, accident re-constructionists, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, and fingerprint and crime scene investigators, depending on the issues in the case. Laura has worked with preeminent expert witnesses from across the country, including licensed private investigator and mitigator Althea Seelover and her team at Criminal Defense Support Services, licensed investigator Allyx Pershing, technology consultant Jeff Fishbach, of Secondwave Forensics in Chatsworth, California, neuropsychologists Dr. Eric Johnson and Dr. Loren Mallory, Oregon Supreme Court recognized eyewitness identity expert Dr. Daniel Reisberg from Reed College, and nationally recognized expert in systems analysis of families with mental illness, Dr. Dan Close. Family members often join the team in a collaborative effort to defend the accused.

Law Office of Laura A. Fine, P.C. and her team stand ready to serve your needs.

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