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Our office is open through the coronavirus lockdown and we are here to help you. The Oregon Supreme Court deemed Criminal Defense lawyers as Essential Providers.

Offices in Eugene and Veneta by Appointment Only


2021: My Client Was Charged With Felony Strangulation And Coercion, And Misdemeanor Assault Iv And Menacing, All Constituting Crimes Of Domestic Violence.

My aggressive investigator obtained multiple statements about the complainant’s history of aggression and lies. This led me to file a Motion to Compel Evidence about the complainant, including requesting (again) her criminal history, (which included her convictions for providing false information to a police officer). Despite my client’s lengthy legitimate criminal history, the assistant district attorney filed a dismissal of all charges against him.

Assault IV – Dismissed

Our elderly client was charged used his fists to beat a woman who provided some in home care for him. She suffered a broken nose and black eye. We provided ample investigation and medical evaluation to convince the prosecutor that our client acted in self-defense against this alcoholic woman who repeatedly used physical force on him. Our investigation reports and medical analysis were consistent with his explanation that he acted in self-defense, and the prosecutor dismissed the charge in its entirety.

Manslaughter And Criminally Negligent Homicide – Reduced To Diversion

My client was charged with Manslaughter and Criminally Negligent Homicide. Following intense investigation and aggressive pre-trial motion practice, we limited what evidence was admissible and we were able to use two of the State’s own witnesses against the State. The week before trial, the State offered to fully dismiss the pending charges on the condition that our client enter into a diversion to the misdemeanor crime of Reckless Endangerment. Our client never served a day in jail.

Domestic Violence Strangulation, Assault And Menacing – Dismissed

This client ended a relationship with his girlfriend. Three days later, she went to the police, claiming he had attacked her. Through investigation, my defense team was able to establish an alibi showing that, at the time she claimed the assault occurred, our client was in another location. We further showed that she was text messaging him during a time she claimed he was with her. The prosecutor dismissed all charges.

Manufacture, Delivery And Possession Of Marijuana – Dismissed

Our client had licenses to grow medical marijuana. Police illegally searched his grow room, seized his plants and charged him with these crimes. Through pre-trial motions supported by affidavits, I showed that our client was within the legal growing limits, and in all manner complying with the law. All charges were dismissed.

Attempted Aggravated Murder – Acquitted

In the course of fleeing police who were trying to arrest him, my client hit a police car and injured the officer caught in the door of the car. He was charged with attempted aggravated murder. At trial, I elicited testimony from police witnesses to prove that they knew that my client had a history of attempting to elude arrest. I cross examined each officer and showed that their testimony contradicted each other as to the events as they unfolded. The jury rightly concluded that my client was attempting to flee, not to kill, and he was fully acquitted of this charge.

Felony Manufacture And Possession Of Drugs – Acquitted

The apartment manager claimed he saw my client running from an apartment after an explosion and fire, which was found to be caused by a meth lab. My client’s ID was found inside the apartment by firefighters. We took the case to jury trial and argued that my client was in Washington at the time, although we had no verification of such. I convinced the jury that the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was the individual seen in the apartment. He was acquitted of all charges.

Mental Illness Treated As A Crime – Dismissed

A mother hired me to help when her college student son had a bi-polar psychotic episode which resulted in his arrest. He was in jail and receiving no mental health or medical treatment. He was charged with a crime and had a public defender. I worked with local mental health workers and jail doctors and obtained his transfer to a psychiatric hospital within six hours. Subsequently and with the permission of his public defender, I provided information about his mental health circumstances to the prosecutor and obtained a full dismissal of his criminal charge.

Measure 11 Assault 2 – Dismissed

My 19 year old client was charged with Measure 11 Assault II, Hit and Run, and Reckless driving and faced a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 70 months in prison. The charges arose out of an altercation with a bicyclist where witnesses reported that my client hit the bicyclist and left the scene. My client was arrested and incarcerated. Upon being hired, I immediately sent my investigator to interview witnesses who were in my client’s car but whom the police neglected to interview. I gave the reports to the prosecutor who asked to meet with me and my client. Following our meeting, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges against my client and file charges against the bicyclist who had assaulted my client twice.

Weapons Charge – Dismissed

My client was walking his dogs on the wide shoulder of a country road. A large truck coming towards him left the road and headed straight at him on the shoulder. My client had a concealed weapons permit and a handgun in a holster under his coat. He immediately pulled the gun and pointed at the truck which was coming perilously close. The truck stopped and three angry young men got out, circled my client and yelled him. The police arrived and arrested my client for pointing a firearm at another. I obtained my client’s release from jail, conducted investigation into the backgrounds of the three men, provided the information to the prosecutor and all charges were dismissed against my client.

Weapons Charge – Not Filed

My client owned a gun which his roommate used to shoot at a federal building. The shooter was aggressively prosecuted in Federal Court and my client was facing charges for his role. I negotiated with the prosecutor and as a result, no charges were filed against my client.

Intentional Murder – Reduced To Manslaughter

My client was charged with Intentional Murder Constituting Domestic Violence for the shooting death of his girlfriend. He admitted to being present when she was shot but denied he intentionally shot her, despite their contentious history. I directed my forensic science investigator to create a computer animation based on the blood splatter evidence which demonstrated that it was possible that at the time of the shooting, my client was seated and his girlfriend grabbed the gun, pulled it towards herself and caused it to discharge. In light of this information, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge from Intentional Murder to Manslaughter I. My client received a ten year sentence with credit for time served, instead of a sentence of 25 years to life.

Intentional Murder – Reduced To Manslaughter

My client was charged with strangling and drowning his wife. The prosecution believed his motive was that she was divorcing him and all the assets of the marriage belonged to her. I used a forensic scientist and a medical researcher to compile a list of side effects of medications taken by my client. I convinced the prosecutor that my client acted under extreme emotional distress due to his medication and as a result, the charge was reduced to Manslaughter, saving my client 15 years to life in prison.

Domestic Violence Assault Strangulation And Menacing – Dismissed

The State alleged that my client beat and strangled his girlfriend. The victim claimed it was the most terrifying moment in her life. Our thorough investigation revealed that she lied to the police and prosecutor about numerous aspects of the incident, and that she only made the police report after our client refused to take her back. We gave the voice messages she left for our client to the prosecutor as we prepared for trial. Facing a solid defense, the prosecutor dismissed all charges.

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